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Adaptable, Reciprocal, Interactive
Inclusive classrooms for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and self directed learners. Online learning with a focus on connection and wellness. We are a community of life-long learners!

ARI Learning is fueled by the strength of our students, instructors and online platform that creates endless learning opportunities. Although we offer our online services to learners all over the world, we are based in the

traditional territory of the Tla' amin Nation and would like to invite all our learners to explore the traditional knowledge made available by our friends at Jehjeh Media, a "BIPOC led multi-media production company that uses storytelling to promote the language and culture"

Learn the ʔayʔajuθəm language here.

Our Name

Adaptable learning opportunities allow for a person centered experience. All our classrooms and learning spaces are designed to accommodate individual needs and goals. All ARI Learning experiences are inclusive and welcoming. We encourage neurodivergent learners to please let us know what accommodations we can make  in order to make the classroom as accessible as possible. Reciprocal learning is everyone having something to learn from each other, drawing from a collective knowledge that is dynamic and fluid as interaction happens. All learners are teachers in ARI Learning spaces. Interactive learning is a component of all ARI Learning experiences. We believe that involvement in the process is more important than the outcome or product. Our interactive components allow learners to immerse themselves in a topic, contributing to their own learning goals in meaningful ways.

Our Logo

The beautiful ARI whale was designed by artist, Catnip to symbolize some of our most important values. Whales are social, intelligent and creative! At ARI Learning we focus on social groups, such as learner directed hang out meetings, and collaborative projects like Virtual School Paper and We are a team of learners who support each other, like orcas in a pod. 

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