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Instructor: Linda, BGS (SFU), Diploma in Art Education (UBC), Primary (Elementary) School Generalist, Primary - Secondary School Visual Arts Specialist, experienced in the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP & DP.

I grew up in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.
I am a first generation Canadian; both of my parents were born in German/Mennonite Villages in Russia around the time of the Russian Revolution.

As a young adult I worked as an architectural technician, hand drawing designs given to me by the architects and engineers I worked with. After a few years of this, I realised I wanted to work internationally, which led me to become an educator. For much of my career as a teacher of learners aged five to nineteen I was at an international school in Tanzania, East Africa with shorter stints in Sudan and Oman.

In Tanzania, my daughter and I found and adopted each other. I am now a grandmother of twins. These three are my pride and joy.

My approach to teaching is student centred, encouraging students to take the lead in the classroom. I enjoy facilitating learning in an inclusive environment, fostering meaningful and differentiated experiences for all students. 

I joined Outschool at the beginning of this year (2023) and ARI in April. I began by focusing on oral language development and literacy through the visual arts. ARI has opened up another world of learning to me. I appreciate being part of this dynamic team.

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