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English as Additional Language Tutor
Serving European, Asian & Australian time zones






Custom schedule, 45 min. pr session


78 CAD  | 45 min with Linda

About the session

This ARI Learning offer is designed to match your learner’s interests and goals. It is offered
to those new to English as well as learners with a level of English competency.
Fluent Englishspeakers who want extension and practice in specific areas of the language are welcome.
Initially, through conversation, we will determine your learner’s needs and plan accordingly.
If they are involved in a specific curriculum, we will focus on those objectives and together
develop a programme that best supports their success.
In addition to speaking and listening, reading and writing will be part of the learning experience when appropriate.

English as Additional Language Tutor



Every week

Private Lesson 45 mins with Linda

Valid until canceled

Bachelor General Studies from Simon Fraser University

Diploma in Art Education at University of British Columbia

Experienced Primary & Secondary International Teacher

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Neurospecialized Learners Welcome

All classes

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