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Acoustic Guitar
Songwriting/Music Tutor
Private Lesson 45 mins with Yvonne




Grades 1 - 6 | US/ CDN Grade Level


Custom schedule, 45 min. per session


78 CAD  | 45 min with Yvonne

Grades 1-6 General Music Instruction
Ages 11 and up, Songwriter Coaching

Music Education is part of a holistic elementary education and music education is guided play!

Our Grades 1-6 Education courses following the BC Arts Curriculum provide a grounding in rhythm, history, notation/reading music and world music. We will be building our own instruments, talking about sound, exploring modern instruments as well as historical ones and yes, there will be singing!


To keep this accessible to all, we will be using Google Classrooms and Chrome MusicLab.  No instruments are necessary and no direct instruction for instrument use will be provided.

Music Tutor



Every week

Private Lesson 45 mins with Yvonne

Valid until canceled

Quick Overview

Music Tutor

  • B.Mus from McGill University

  • Specializing in Electronic Music/Jazz Voice

  • Neurospecalized Learners Welcome!

  • Support for Grades 1 - 6 | US/ CDN Grade Level

  • Singer/Songwriter coaching

Plans & Pricing

Online Guitar Class
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