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Dancing with Music

Open Stage Ages 15-19

Group Lesson 60 mins 




ages 15-19


Custom schedule, 60 min. pr session


$15 CAD  | Private Lesson 60 mins with Yvonne

About the session

Join Yvonne for an hour of Open Stage! 
Bring your music, songs, spoken word and performance piece to our virtual stage.  
This class is a place to workshop ideas, present works you have completed and request feedback.  We foster a sense of community and practice giving and receiving supportive feedback.  This is a wonderful place to work on stage fright and performance anxiety.  

Open Stage rules will be worked out in the first class as participants will have a voice in how this will be structured. 
An example of an Open Stage Rule Set might look like: 
Every participant will have time to perform one song or performance piece up to 6 minutes.  
Be prepared before class so that your 6 minutes isn't taken up with setting up or tuning. 
After everyone has had a turn we can do another round of performing. 
If you would like feedback, please indicate this in your opening introduction to the song/performance piece to be presented. 
We will be positive and encouraging and if you make a mistake will be quiet and patient. 
Stick around to hear everyone else's performances. 
Don't apologize for mistakes, everyone makes them, we are all here to support each other. 

Open Stage Ages 15-19



Every week

Join Yvonne for an hour of Open Stage!

Valid until canceled

B.Mus from McGill University

Specializing in Electronic Music/Jazz Voice

Neurospecalized Learners Welcome!

All classes

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