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Adult Students

Writing with Mavi
Affordable student teacher rate! 




All Grades


Costom schedule, 40 min. pr session


39 CAD  | 40 min with Mavi

About the session

Personalized Mentoring: Tailored 1:1 sessions that cater to the unique needs and abilities of each student.

Inspirational Learning: Mavi's approach is not just about teaching writing; it's about inspiring a love for expression and creativity.

Youth Teaching Youth: With Mavi's own journey as a homeschooled graduate, students find a relatable and understanding mentor.

Dyslexia-Friendly: Our methods are specially designed to be accessible and effective for students with dyslexia.

Neurodiversity Embraced: We welcome neurospecialized learners providing a supportive and understanding environment.

Writing with Mavi



Every week

Affordable student teacher rate! Work with Mavi for half price!

Valid until canceled

Quick Overview

Writing with Mavi

  • Invaluable mentorship for younger learners

  • Homeschooled Graduate!

  • Neurospecialized Learners Welcome (Autism / ADHD)

  • Peer Support for Teens

Plans & Pricing

Learning From Home
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