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Being a teacher with ARI Learning has been a great way to pick up work during the school holidays and supplement my teacher income during the school year. 
ARI Learning takes care of my Outschool tasks when it comes to billing and payments, refund requests, tricky learners and parents, marketing and advertising, and guidance for success.
Carly uses her years of experience on Outschool to take care of the business end of things so that I get to focus on the part that I really love, which is teaching!"

Heather Wiggins


Join the Team

ARI Learning is an organization of independent instructors working together on Outschool. We provide our facilitators with a comprehensive service that helps them deliver quality classes to learners all over the world. If you're approved to be a part of our team, we will list and market your classes for free! We provide you with a learning management system, virtual meeting space on zoom, extensive social media and online marketing plus access to host our most popular outschool listings. We don't get paid until you do, which means we work hard to fill your classes with passionate, excited learners. 


You get: 

  • guidance and support from veteran outschool teachers

  • extra advertising on and off outschool

  • supportive teacher community

  • to create your own schedule

  • access to host our popular outschool listings

  • to meet learners already on outschool

  • flexibility to create your own classes

  • to work as independent contractor to make % of your sales

  • 1:1 support available to help with what you need

How does it work?

New teachers will build an audience of Outschool learners by hosting our Making Friends listings. We believe that relationship comes first in teaching. Making Friends is our version of a social hour where learners get to know you and each other. Build rapport directly with Outschoolers so you can ask them exactly what classes you should create.

The Making Friends series is our best selling offering. It covers all the ages that Outschool serves and has reviews dating back to 2017. Outschool parents know and trust our brand.

After hosting 25 learners in Making Friends, teachers will be invited to attend a private coaching sessions with one of our veteran teachers. We will help you plan and list a best selling class of your own. Once your class is approved we will send it to our marketing team for promotion on Facebook, Instagram and our blog.

ARI Learning gives relationship-based teachers a huge leg up in the saturated Outschool marketplace. Meet your new learners today using our proven listings.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Working with ARI Learning, I feel heard and listened to and I always feel like I have a safe space to ask questions and receive guidance. As a mom with 2 young kids, flexibility is essential for me and this job works perfectly for my family and I. I can make my own schedule and sometimes last-minute changes need to be made but Carly is always willing to help me make things work. I am grateful for the support and opportunities the job provides and I am so proud to be a part of the team!"

Amy Herron

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