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1.     Acceptance of terms and conditions

By completing the registration form for this group, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms”) and they will be incorporated into the contract between us (“Contract”). You will ensure that your family, friends, and any other person attending the group on your behalf shall comply with these Terms. The Contract is formed when we send you confirmation.

2.     Payment

The fee for attending the group (“Registration Fee”) will be as stated on the registration form. Prices are inclusive of taxes except where expressly stated otherwise. All payments for the Registration Fee must be made in full at the time of completing the registration form and in any event prior to the date of the Workshop. Payment will be made via our merchant account provider (and you consent to us passing your necessary details to the merchant account provider and to them processing necessary information about you).

3.     Refunds

Refunds will not be offered after one week before the group is to start.

4.     Cancellation

There may be circumstances in which we need to cancel the group. In such circumstances, we will provide you with a full refund of the amount of the Registration Fee that you have paid to us and we will make very effort to provide you with such refund within 60 days of the date of cancellation.

5.     Postponement or change to venue

There may be circumstances in which we need to postpone the group and if we do, we shall advise you of this as soon as we possibly can.

6.     Liability and Disclaimer – important, you must read this

The group does not provide medical information, diagnosis or therapy. The information shared is from experience and personal information and education.

In parents' groups:

The facilitator is running this group as a peer parent, not a registered professional.

7.     Your obligations

If you act in any way which in our opinion is likely to cause any harm or nuisance to any person at the group, you will be required to leave the group and we shall not be liable to refund your Registration Fee or any other payment. Bullying, harassment, unsupportive opinions will not be tolerated. This is a safe space.

In Parents' groups:

There will be no conversations around vaccines during the group. If you want to give advice to another participant, ask for permission from them first. Please ensure that you are participating in a private, quiet space. However, if you have no childcare, children are welcome to be present.

8. Confidentiality

Please note, this is a confidential group, and all stories shared, names and personal information will stay within in the group. The facilitator will keep all registration information secure and will only share information if someone says something related to putting themselves or others at risk.

9.     Photography and filming

You do not have permission to film, record, screenshot or take any photos during the workshop. If there are resources shared, they will be on the classroom portal.

10. Data protection

We will communicate with you using the contact details provided on the Registration Form for the purposes of the group.

14.   Limitations of Liability

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken by us to ensure security and safety at the group, we shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever in relation to the group.

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