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Instructor: Jena, BE

Hello, my name is Jena and I am a second-generation homeschooling mom that leads a project-based, interest-led lifestyle with my four children.
I hold a Bachelor’s in Education Studies from Ashford University and have been teaching in the dance and homeschool communities for over 25 years.  

I have an extensive background in classical dance pedagogy, both as a dancer in the professional world of ballet and as an educator teaching children and adults, and was the Artistic Director and Owner of a pre-professional training facility for over a decade. 

I believe that learning is a lifelong adventure and have continued my self-education in many areas, particularly language arts and speech-language connections, with a focus on helping my neurodiverse, late-emergent readers, and partnering with my children to deep dive into subject areas of interest - particularly Marine Biology and World History - through hands-on experiences. 

I have been an active part of homeschool communities across the globe, sharing and learning with amazing groups of people. I believe that learning comes in many forms, and the power of play is an amazing teacher. Project-based, interest-led learning can be a rich and immersive way to experience learning. 

I love working with children, particularly teens, and tweens, as they discover and share their knowledge. And, I positively know that everyone can make connections, share insight, and ask thought-provoking questions that led to wonderful discussions. 

Currently, I reside in sunny Florida with my husband and children, where we are enjoying learning about the marine ecosystem here and enjoying the warm weather!

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