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Art to Go:

Travel Art and Crafts That Make Lasting Memories

Are you planning a family vacation or a road trip?

Make your journey even more memorable by incorporating travel art and crafts that capture the essence of your adventures. Creating art on the go not only keeps your kids engaged but also serves as a beautiful keepsake of the places you visit.

Travel Journal: Capturing Memories in a Creative Way

Encourage your child to document their journey by creating a travel journal. This personalized journal becomes a visual diary of their experiences and serves as a treasured memento of the trip.

Here's how to get started:

Choose the Perfect Journal:

Select a notebook or sketchbook that your child can dedicate to their travel journal. Opt for something compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around during the trip. Let them pick a design or color that resonates with their personality.

Pack Essential Supplies:

Gather a variety of art supplies such as pens, markers, colored pencils, stickers, and glue sticks. Additionally, consider including scissors, washi tape, and small envelopes or pockets to hold keepsakes like ticket stubs, postcards, or pressed flowers. Having these supplies readily available ensures your child can let their creativity flow at any given moment.

Document the Journey:

Encourage your child to write about their experiences, jot down interesting facts about the places they visit, and draw pictures of the scenery or landmarks they encounter. They can capture the vibrant colors of a bustling market, the peacefulness of a scenic view, or the unique architecture of a famous landmark. Encourage them to experiment with different art techniques and styles to make their journal truly their own.

Collect Mementos:

Along the way, prompt your child to collect small mementos like postcards, brochures, or even natural items like leaves or shells. These tangible items can be glued or inserted into the journal, adding depth and texture to their memories. Encourage them to write notes about each memento, describing why it's significant to them.

Additional Travel Keepsake Ideas:

Travel Collage:

Provide your child with a small corkboard or cardboard sheet and let them create a travel collage. They can cut out pictures from travel magazines, brochures, or print photos they've taken along the way. They can arrange and glue these images onto the board, creating a visual representation of their journey.

Souvenir Shadow Box:

Encourage your child to collect small trinkets and souvenirs during your trip, such as seashells, keychains, or miniature figurines. When you return home, help them create a souvenir shadow box. They can arrange and display their treasures in a box or frame, adding labels or captions to make it even more meaningful.

Postcard Storybook:

Instead of just sending postcards to loved ones, have your child turn them into a postcard storybook. Let them collect postcards from each place you visit and encourage them to write a short story or describe their favorite memory on the back. They can bind these postcards together using a hole punch and some string or create a mini book using cardstock.

Travel Scrapbook:

In addition to the travel journal, your child can create a travel scrapbook using printed photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia. They can arrange these items on colorful scrapbook pages, adding captions, stickers, and decorative elements to enhance the visual appeal.

Memory Jar:

Encourage your child to collect small items that represent their favorite moments during the trip, such as seashells, rocks, or bottle caps. When you return home, they can create a memory jar by filling a clear glass jar with these items, creating a layered and visually appealing keepsake.

Creating Lasting Memories:

By incorporating travel art and crafts into your family trips, you're not only fostering your child's creativity but also creating lasting memories. The travel journal and these additional travel keepsakes become treasured artifacts that capture the sights, emotions, and unique experiences of your journey. They allow your child to reflect on their growth, encourage storytelling, and provide an opportunity for shared family memories.

So, before you embark on your next adventure, remember to pack your art supplies and encourage your child to create their travel keepsakes.

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