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Benefits of learner-led learning with ARI Learning

Learner-led learning is a pedagogical approach that puts the learner at the center of the learning experience. Instead of the teacher being the primary source of knowledge and instruction, the learner takes an active role in determining what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and at what pace. This approach has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people recognize the limitations of traditional classroom-based instruction.

ARI Learning is an organization of homeschooling parents, unschoolers, and teachers who work together to provide reliable, year-round learning groups for self-directed learners. Their approach is based on three core principles: adaptable, reciprocal, and interactive.

Adaptable learning opportunities allow for a person-centered experience.

All their classrooms and learning spaces are designed to accommodate individual needs and goals, making ARI Learning experiences inclusive and welcoming.

They encourage neurodivergent learners to let them know what accommodations they can make to make the classroom as accessible as possible.

Reciprocal learning is a key component of ARI Learning.

Everyone has something to learn from each other, drawing from a collective knowledge that is dynamic and fluid as interaction happens. All learners are teachers in ARI Learning spaces, and this creates a community where everyone can feel valued and respected.

Interactive learning is a component of all ARI Learning experiences.

They believe that involvement in the process is more important than the outcome or product. Interactive components allow learners to immerse themselves in a topic, contributing to their own learning goals in meaningful ways.

One of the biggest benefits of learner-led learning with ARI Learning is the opportunity for self-directed learners to experience spaces where they can be themselves, learn cool stuff, do interesting work, and meet fun people.

Their teaching style is to explore with the learner, and exploratory learning is what the ARI team is all about.

ARI Learning keeps social-emotional learning and wellness at the core of all their life skills classes. They also offer social groups that are learner-directed and inclusive, knowledge about sustainable living practices, support for artists, knowledge about creating connections, and more!

In addition: What sets ARI Learning apart is their commitment to supporting neurodivergent learners. They have a supportive template and training for their teachers that ensures they approach neurodivergent learners from a relationship building, learner-directed method.

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