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Board Game Creators Unite!

This non-live posting group is for discussion about the creation of board games, game theory and recommendations and reviews! #builder

If you are interested in learning how to build board games, mentor and encourage other designers, share tips, playtests and reviews, this group is for you. 

Monthly Themes: 
May: Gardening/Food Production
June: Hiking/Outdoor Adventure
July: Fishing/Beach
August: Carnival/Fair/Theme Park
September: Back to School
October: Halloween
November: Remembering/History/Elder celebration
December: Winter Holiday
January: It's a New Year!  This month I will be posting about ways you can create/print/model and package your own board game. 
February: Student Theme - You name it, we talk about it or play it! 

Our goal is to be supportive for each other and we can post ideas (please remember the protection of your intellectual property by ensuring you don't share your entire build) and share good feedback on ideas. I will be moderating comments to ensure that we are supportive and kind to one another on an ongoing basis. 

So come on board to our group here (remember, there are NO LIVE MEETINGS in this group) and let's inspire each other to explore, play and develop board games!
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