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Composting with Kids

From Scraps to Soil

Composting at home is a cool way to teach children about nature's recycling system. It’s not only for those with sprawling backyards; even if you have just a small outdoor space, container composting is a fantastic option. This engaging activity turns daily kitchen scraps into a valuable resource for your plants, all while fostering a sustainable lifestyle for the whole family.

Starting Your Family Composting Adventure:

Choose a spot for your composting setup. If you're working with limited space, a container or compost bin can work wonders. Just like a traditional pile, you’ll want to start with a layer of sticks or straw at the bottom for aeration and drainage.

Sort your organic waste into "greens" (kitchen scraps, coffee grounds) and "browns" (leaves, shredded paper, sawdust). Both open piles and containers thrive on this mixture, with the ideal ratio being about 2 parts browns to 1 part greens by volume.

Maintaining a Healthy Compost:

Balance is Key: Maintain the brown-to-green ratio to prevent odors and pests, and to speed up the decomposition process.

Chop It Up: The smaller the pieces, the quicker they'll break down. This is a fun step for kids to help with—just make sure they're supervised.

Just Right Moisture: Whether in a pile or a bin, your compost should feel moist but not wet. Adjust by adding more browns if it gets too damp.

Turn the Mix: Regularly mix your compost to aerate it, which speeds up the process. This can be a fun activity for the kids, watching the transformation take place.

Patience Pays Off: Good compost takes time. While a pile may take longer, a well-maintained container can yield compost in a shorter time frame.

Avoid the Non-Compostables: Keep meats, dairy, oils, and pet waste out of your compost to prevent attracting rodents and other pests.

Connecting to ARI Learning

To dive even deeper into composting and environmental stewardship, ARI Learning provides an enriching class Compost Heroes. It is a part of our Self-Sufficiency Series on Outschool. These classes, alongside a wide range of recycling and sustainability topics, offer children robust lessons in caring for our Earth. They serve as a perfect educational complement to your composting journey at home.

For the littlest learners, ARI Learning offers a delightful set of printables titled "Compost School with Didi & Rex," which are specifically designed to introduce preschoolers and early elementary children to the wonders of composting.

So, gather your scraps, grab your free "Compost School with Didi & Rex" printables, and begin your family's composting adventure.

There's a world of discovery waiting right in your kitchen garbage!

— Happy composting!

Already know all of this? Are you well-versed in the basics of composting and ready to delve into more advanced topics of farming and sustainability? Connect with others who share your passion in Teacher Yvonne's Making Friends class: Rural, Farm, and Remote Learners Edition to explore, learn, and grow together.

🌱 Today's Top Picks: Self-Sufficiency Series with ARI Learning 🌱

Enroll on a journey of sustainable skills with today's recommendations from ARI Learning's Self-Sufficiency Series:

🌿 Compost Heroes: Discover the magic of composting and turn everyday waste into garden gold. An engaging start for young environmental enthusiasts.

🍅 Homesteading Sampler Flex: Experience the joys of homestead life from your home with this self-paced exploration of gardening, food preservation, and more.

🧵 Mending What You Have: Learn the timeless skill of mending, promoting a sustainable mindset towards clothing and textiles.

These are just a glimpse of the practical and planet-friendly skills your child can acquire. Looking for more?

Discover the full spectrum of classes we offer by visiting ARI Learning on Outschool.

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