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Create Your Custom Calendar for Print Using Word Processing Tools | New Flex Class!

Have you ever been curious about how calendars are made? Putting photography, artwork, funny quotes and knock-knock jokes together into one cool project, we will create our own custom calendars!

Meet your teacher:

Hi! I'm Yvonne and I am currently a homeschooling mom, with a degree in music and most of a degree in education (it's a long story). I have travelled parts of the world, performed with choirs and bands and continue to write and produce music. You can find me down at the local farmer's market playing music or selling eggs. I've raised a few batches of chickens, 2 kids, a crabby old budgie, dogs and cats, a ghost fish (long story) and lots of plants. I'm currently working on cold weather gardens way up here in the north and I play regular weekly Dungeons and Dragons games with some international friends. Writing, painting, crafting, sewing, fishing, hunting, hiking and kayaking are some of my favorite pastimes. When it comes to homeschooling, I use a mix and match method based on the child using tools from the unschooling, wildschooling and structured schooling bags. Everyone has a story, I hope to hear yours soon!

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