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Digital Drawing Club with FireAlpaca Free Software

Join Art With Friends | FireAlpaca Drawing Club for a fun weekly meeting with other artists ages 6 to 8 years old. This play-based class allows learners to meet friends from all over the world thanks to its live, online format.

How does this class apply to my child's learning?

Identity Development: Having the opportunity to create art in a community setting gives learners ongoing support to develop their sense of self using art. Identity development using art helps learners connect to personal, social, cultural, historical, and environmental ideas. Wellness: Creative expression and friendship are both important protective factors in child and youth mental health. Join this ongoing meeting to help learners build practices of wellness and connection. Self directed: Weekly drawings will be learner directed. Learners will be asked to share their art (via zoom's screen share) to expand on the work they've done and what it means to them. This allows learners to explore their passions and special interests with support.


New Outschool users can try this class for free!

Get $20 off your first Outschool class by joining using the link at the top of this post!

If that doesn't work...

You can also manually input our referral code ww4VN1Zv. To do this please visit your Settings page and scroll down to "Referral Code". In the field provided, input code, ww4VN1Zv, and click outside the field to save it.

When you've inputted our referral code, you should receive your referral credits which can be applied towards your first class purchase.


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