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Greetings, good sirs and ladies!

Doth thou seeketh to expand thy knowledge of the Bard?

- Yvonne, our esteemed teacher and lover of all things Shakespeare, hath created a wondrous group for thee to explore the mysteries and magic of his works.

But wait, 'tis not just any group.

Nay, it is a non-live group, which means thou canst peruse and participate at thy leisure!

No need to worry about scheduling conflicts or rushing to make it to class on time. This group allows thee to be social and explore the fascinating world of Shakespeare at thy own pace.

And fear not, for thou shalt not be alone.

Yvonne, our knowledgeable and witty moderator, shall be posting weekly discussions, questions, and trivia games to keep thee engaged and entertained. And with the freedom to post and comment at any time, thou canst delve deep into Shakespearean theories and comparisons with fellow enthusiasts.

So, grab thy quills and parchment, and join us at the Boar's Head Inn for a merry time discussing all things Shakespeare.

Let us raise a cup of ale (or tea, if that's more thy style) and embark on a journey of learning and laughter together!

And don't worry, we won't be using old English to communicate with each other. But we will be discussing Shakespeare in a fun and engaging way!

Ages 14-18:

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