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Holistic Baby Sleep Support

Finding the right approach to helping your baby or toddler sleep can be overwhelming. With so much information available online, it can be difficult to know what advice to follow and what's best for your family. That's where Amy Herron comes in. Amy offers families the knowledge and support they need to feel confident in their sleep choices, and she works with your family's beliefs and values to create a sleep environment that feels right.

Amy is a certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist with a Bachelor's degree in Child & Youth Care. As a mom of two energetic toddlers herself, Amy understands firsthand the challenges that come with getting your little ones to sleep. Her journey to becoming a Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist began when her eldest was just a few months old. Feeling overwhelmed and overtired, she turned to the internet and found herself bombarded by conflicting information. So much of what she read didn't feel right for her or her baby, and she was left feeling like she was doing the wrong thing.

After lots of searching and lots of tears, Amy finally found a space that aligned with how she wanted to parent and reminded her to trust herself. She discovered a more holistic approach to helping her baby sleep and grew more confident in herself as a parent. Her goal now is to help other parents do the same.

Amy offers holistic sleep support services for babies and toddlers without using sleep training. She works with families in a variety of capacities, including children with neurodiversity, and has completed many hours of training in topics such as attachment, trauma-informed practice, and child development. Amy understands that there are many factors that contribute to how a baby sleeps, and her role is to look at all of those factors and help families make changes that feel right for everyone.

Amy works with children up to 5 years old and has over 6 years of experience working with autistic learners. She is happy to create access for your family's needs and offers a variety of packages and services to meet your individual needs.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and overtired, Amy Herron can help. Contact her today to learn more about her holistic sleep support services and take the first step towards a more peaceful parenting journey.

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