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Holistic Sleep Support for Families

In our modern world, we have created unrealistic expectations for our babies and children when it comes to sleep. We have become so concerned about creating independence in our children, that we start pushing them to not need us earlier and earlier. In reality, our children need to become dependent on us first in order to create a solid base from which to build independence. One of my goals in supporting families with sleep is to help parents create realistic goals and expectations for themselves and their children. I offer families a different way of approaching sleep that will not only create healthy sleeping habits but enhance parent/child relationships and attachment.

I have a range of packages to choose from that offer varying levels of support. No matter which package you choose, my promise to you is that I will never tell you to leave your baby to ‘cry it out’ while you sit on the other side of the door feeling upset and guilty. I will encourage you to hold, kiss, cuddle, and respond to your baby as often as they need it. I will help you learn about healthy attachment and how to create and maintain that connection. I will help identify if there are any underlying issues that may be affecting sleep and help you create a plan to address them. I will encourage you to tune out the noise of what we are told we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t do’ as parents and help you learn to trust your instincts and make decisions that feel right for your family.

This package is suitable for families who have babies 0-6 months old and want information about normal infant sleep, as well as tips for promoting sleep for the whole family. I will learn about your specific family circumstances and give you tailored information that you can apply to reach to sleep goals. In this age range, I often encourage families to follow their baby’s lead when it comes to sleep however, I can help identify any potential underlying problems that may be creating issues for your newborn. There are small, gentle changes that can be made to help everyone get more sleep.

This is suitable for families with babies 6 months old and up or toddlers that are looking for help with specific sleep concerns or are looking to change things that aren’t working for them anymore. The family will complete an in-depth intake form, which I will review, and that will be followed by a 60–90-minute call that will help me get to know that family better and create an individualized sleep plan. I will provide tailored information and resources to address specific concerns and/or challenges.

This package is suitable for families with babies/toddler 6 months and up who are looking for a higher level of support to address sleep challenges. The package includes everything mentioned in the above packages, but I will also provide 4 weeks of email support, as well as a discharge call to check in and determine if more support is needed.

I’ll help you set realistic expectations for your children's sleep and independence. Let’s work together to meet your goals while promoting healthy sleeping habits and strengthening your parent-child relationships. If you’d like to discuss how I might be able to help you, please book a free 30 min consultation session here.

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