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How to Recycle Old Clothing

Textile pollution poses unique challenges for a sustainable world. We all interact with textiles on a daily basis. When we can no longer reuse our sheets or clothes, what can they be used for?

Take this live class to learn how to recycle old clothing at home. Using just a pair of scissors we will transform unwanted clothing into cord that can be used for endless projects.

Watch The True Cost documentary to learn more about textile and apparel pollution. How does your outfit impact the world? Learners will discuss textile and apparel pollution while working on their pieces together.

What learners are saying:

Mar 26, 2020

My 10 year old daughter took this class with my 12 year old niece and they both loved the class. The teacher was kind, kept them engaged and they learned a lot. They ran over time and the teacher stayed with them for an extra half an hour. They continued their projects for hours afterwards together on the phone. It was really great! We've taken another class with this teacher before and she is wonderful. -Ayelet M.

Apr 2, 2020

Carly is a highly patient and knowledgeable teacher! She gives each student a lot of time to figure out what is a tricky technique to show in this format, and lots of supporting ideas, websites, and documentation to explain the why, the what, and the how. My daughter did benefit from my being there to support her; others didn't need this support (it would on your child's skill and comfort level).

Feb 22, 2018

My daughter really loved this class! She said it was really fun and she is already wearing her new headband. -Karen U.


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