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Let's Hangout! The "Making Friends" Non-live Social Group

Need a fun, social space where your learner can connect with other teens?

Our facilitated learner-directed non-live group is a safe space where teens can participate in back and forth conversations, share favorite recipes, post poems, recommend a show, or just give a shout out.

One of the great things about this group is that it's not a video class, which means learners can instantly post and other people can reply to your posts at any time, in any time-zone.

Carly and Yvonne moderate this group as part of our Teen Classes, creating an inclusive environment where people can learn about each other in a safe and supported space.

We play 20 questions, have scavenger hunts, post art galleries, play truth or dare, and discuss meaningful topics. Activities are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and learners are encouraged to post their own activities and chat topics for each other.

Carly creates one activity post (such as "Explain your personality with 3 emojis" or "Scavenger hunt: find something loud") and one share post (such as "Show and Tell: Art theme" or "Name a song that makes you dance") per week. The 20 questions game is ongoing, and there's even a 1 vs all game where you must guess what the person is thinking in 20 yes/no questions or less. Yvonne jumps in with some facts about the date, some questions, some random thoughts, and possibly a haiku or two.

And best of all, the convenience of a non-live group means learners can participate on their own schedule. Whether you have a night owl or an early bird, they can post and engage with others at a time that works for your family.

And heads up, there will be pet pictures - it's impossible to avoid the cuteness overload!

Ages 13-18:

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