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Making Friends, Hanging Out and Being Social Online

"Making Friends" is a learner directed community space. Young people from all over the world come together to get to know each other. The new facilitator, Heather, is pretty great!

When Heather was growing up, she had a pet hedgehog named Princess Sprocket. She loves espresso flake ice cream, Harry Potter, and the Chronicles of Narnia series. She likes to spend her time crafting, and growing veggies and flowers in her garden. She also has her scuba diving licenses! Heather will be hosting our best selling Outschool classes:

Learners are invited to co-create our meetings. Bring your ideas and passions to class.

Get to know your classmates in this weekly meeting with fun games and activities.

To celebrate Heather's new groups we have special discount! Get $3 off "Making Friends Ongoing (Ages 5 to 7)" with coupon code LEARNSPRING3 until Jun 1, 2022. It's Spring in Canada, where Heather lives!


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