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Making Friends on Outschool with Kendyl

Are you looking for a fantastic and fun instructor for social emotional skill building? Our new teacher Kendyl will be hosting Making Friends groups on Outschool for ages 5 to 7 and 7 to 10 starting this April.

Kendyl is an urban farmer. She and her daughter care for over 20 chickens plus a dog and cat! Kendyl incubated and hatched her own chicks under a warm light in her house. She kept the chicks inside while they were small and vulnerable then moved them out to their big coop in her yard. She learned how to keep chickens from her Nona, her Italian grandmother. Kendyl brings a fun and silly energy to all her classes. She loves playing classic games like pictionary, would you rather, truth or dare, connect 4, and 20 questions. Show and tell is always a favourite activity in Making Friends meetings. Bring your favourites! Toys, art, pets... Kendyl wants to hear about them all! Join Kendyl on Outschool this Spring!

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