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Making Friends Teens | Outschool Ongoing Group

Finding a relaxed social space as a virtual learner can be tricky. Balancing privacy and security with the need to meet new people is delicate in an online setting.

ARI Learning offers a meeting just for teens to socialize and meet new friends on Outschool. We are now offering a NEW late session, starting at 6pm pacific! Making Friends Teens runs weekly for 55 mins per session.

Learners chat on zoom during the live session, and share a classroom during the week. Instructors leave fun and interesting prompts on the classroom page for learners to interact with between the live sessions. Learners can comment with text, photos and videos to interact with their instructor and classmates.

Making Friends is a learner directed space. It is a social space where learners are encouraged to share things that are important or interesting to them. Practice is the best learning. Learners are invited to co-create the meetings. Bring your ideas and passions to class. This group is trauma informed. That means we don't play around with potentially traumatic topics including murder and violence. All topics are welcome for discussion but trauma will not be our party theme. This includes murder mystery games. Thanks for understanding this effort to provide a safe space (in a short time) for all.

Making Friends is a strength based space. We enter the meetings with the assumption that every person has value to offer. Our passion is to create inclusive spaces for young people to share and connect.


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