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Online Communication Is A Life Skill | Classes for ages 3+

Communicating and socializing well in an online setting is an important, modern life skill. Learners as young as three years old are invited to collaborate in this video chat community.

Reviews for

"Making Friends" with ARI Learning on Outschool.

Mar 3, 2018 Masterfully get hesitant children socializing and talking. This class gave my son the vision and confidence to be more socially assertive. [The teacher] understands the zoom format and can manage the platform easily without it obstructing the content. My son has taken the class twice, and enjoyed it both times. -Kristin C. Ages 3 to 5

Feb 5, 2020 My daughter loves this class and has taken it numerous times! The teacher has such great enthusiasm and is easily able to have all the kids participate. This teacher is so patient with my very talkative 5 year old. They play games and my daughter at the end of each class asks when the next one is. - Dana W. Ages 3 to 5

Feb 22, 2022

My daughter has done numerous "Making Friends" classes with Ms. Carly. She always enjoys the games, meeting other kids, and sharing about herself. My daughter is also in a weekly "Making Friends" class with this teacher. She loves being able to be silly and creative in this class. - Dana W. Ages 7 to 10

Nov 6, 2019

Awesome class, really enjoy it. The teacher was amazing. She even allowed us to make silly faces when we had to go. :) -Danika (8 y/o) & Raquel D. Ages 7 to 10

Sep 15, 2019

Great class for kids just to talk and getting to know each other! My kids enjoyed interacting and meeting with others, and even though there was a little hiccup with a bully, the facilitator handled it wonderfully, he left the group, and the kids continued on with the fun! The facilitator did a great job getting all the kids involved in the discussion, highly recommend it! -Nicole K. Ages 7 to 10

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Age: 3 to 5


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