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Outdoorsy People Unite!

Get Outside with ARI Learnings New Our Non-Live Outdoor Activity Group.

Are you a lover of the great outdoors? Do you find yourself feeling happiest when you're surrounded by nature? Then you'll definitely want to join our new non-live group, moderated by Yvonne, an instructor for ARI Learning!

This group is open to learners between the ages of 11-16 who share a passion for exploring the outdoors. Whether you're into hiking, fishing, camping, or simply taking a leisurely stroll in nature, this is the group for you.

As Yvonne explains, "I think it's important on a platform where we all end up being behind the screen a lot that we have encouraging areas for outdoor activity. Connection to the natural environment where we live or where we travel to is critical to our well-being."

In this non-live group, there are no scheduled meetings, so you can participate on your own schedule.

Yvonne will post a short video, picture, or story about her outdoor adventures each week, and learners are encouraged to share their own experiences in the comments.

She will also moderate comments to ensure that everyone is supportive and kind to one another.

This group is not about competition, but rather about encouragement and inspiration. Whether you live in an urban area or have access to vast wilderness, there are always opportunities to explore and connect with nature.

Join us in the Non-Live Outdoor Activity Group on Outschool and let's get outside and explore together!

Ages 11-16:

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