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Self Sufficiency - You Can Do It Too!

Are you interested in learning how to be self-sufficient?

If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

Our Outschool non-live group is derived from our live class series on Self-Sufficiency, which includes classes such as Food Waste Detectives and 3D Recycled Creations, and more.

The group is a place where learners and moderators come together to post ideas, questions, and brainstorm solutions, or simply be a cheerleader for each other.

There will be no live video classes, but we hope to create a warm, inclusive, and welcoming environment for learners to post pictures, stories, comments, and ideas.

As the moderator, Yvonne, a long-time Girl Guide leader with many years of experience in bushcraft and being on the land, will be monitoring the group on a daily basis and maintaining a standard of inclusiveness and kindness.

She will also post weekly fun ideas such as snow shelter building, what happened this week in chicken land, how to dehydrate garden goods, foraging tips and supportive book links, how to create a hugelkultur, and much more.

Yvonne will invite learners to post their own ideas and experiences in the group and will expand dialogue and discussion with a 48-hour goal for responses from her. She will also post a monthly challenge that will build skills and knowledge in learners around Self-Sufficiency.

One of the unique aspects of our group is that there will be no live video classes.

Instead, we will use the Outschool Group platform, where learners and moderators come together to post ideas, questions, and brainstorm solutions.

We have many students in our classes who have varying abilities, and we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to be heard.

The group environment is great for this, as there is no pressure at all. If you just want to read all the posts and nothing catches your imagination, you can make a suggestion.

We hope you join us in this self-sufficiency journey and explore new ways of being resourceful, creative, and empowered!

Self Sufficiency - You Can Do It Too!

Ages 10-15:

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