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Show and Tell for Songwriters | Ages 9 to 11

Does your child love to sing or play an instrument and make up songs? Would they like to play them for some new friends?

Join our weekly share a song group and learn how to give each other encouragement and gentle feedback that supports and inspires each other.

Let's find out how a song can express our feelings, how it can weave a story and how it can inspire dreams.

My name is Yvonne. I am a music graduate of McGill University in Canada with many years of performance experience behind me. I'm now a homeschooling mum who has been using a mix of unschooling and child led learning to teach my special needs child.

My teaching style is gentle encouragement with more technical advice sprinkled in if it's requested. Students should have the ability to sing or play an instrument in order to share their songs.

Participation isn't mandatory but it is strongly recommended. Each student will have their turn while the rest of the students are muted to not distract from the performance. After the song is over, we can unmute ourselves and talk about the song.

I will have a weekly Jamboard to discuss things and for students to post questions that I can answer throughout the week.

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