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Slippery Days!

Hello! As I slide on into the New Year and as I prepare for our Ukrainian family feast on Friday I'm reminded that getting back into the swing of things is a bit tricky. I'm letting my kids decide how quickly they jump back into a schedule. So far they are eager and excited to try out their new classes and some of the fun school supply refresh they got in their stockings. I'll be getting new classes up soon here on ARI Learning as Carly and I plan our offerings for 2023. I already have Scribblin' Saturdays which is a Saturday take on a Friday Freewrite. There is also a Beading Teen Drop In where we can show our treasures, explore ways to create and just hang out. Hope to see you soon!

This squirrel just doesn't quit! I think I'm going to model my January restart after him. He's big, fuzzy and busy!

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