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Virtual School Paper Teams

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Our learners produce a collaborative website on WordPress called Virtual School Paper and we are accepting new members this October!

We have digital production options for all ages!

Art With Friends | Firealpaca Drawing Club Ongoing Course for ages 6 to 8

Create digital art and share with friends live! Download FireAlpaca for free or use the program of your choice. Learn tips for digital drawing as you create your own art in this open format class. Learners can save and submit their art to the editor's team for professional publication!

Virtual School Paper: Contributors Multi-Day Course for ages 9 to 13

Learners gain digital publishing skills via hands on experience with a real website!

Virtual School Paper: Senior Editors Multi-Day Course for ages 13 to 18

Learners will gain digital publishing skills via hands on experience with a real website! The senior editor team manages the site. They approve all submissions to the website. They implement design changes. They write the most ridiculous stories. They do it all.

You can learn more about this project by listening to this podcast interview with Online School Mom. Carly will discuss the importance of centering children and youth in the context of media and content creation.


Get $20 off your first Outschool class by joining using the links in this post!

If that doesn't work...

You can also manually input our referral code ww4VN1Zv. To do this please visit your Settings page and scroll down to "Referral Code". In the field provided, input code, ww4VN1Zv, and click outside the field to save it.

When you've inputted our referral code, you should receive your referral credits which can be applied towards your first class purchase.

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