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Why Parents Need to Understand Our Own Values

Values provide us with a foundation to live our lives and can help us make decisions. They also help us to create meaningful relationships with others and can provide us with a sense of purpose. Values can be anything from respect, integrity, kindness, and hard work to honesty, loyalty, and generosity. Having a strong set of values can be the difference between a life of satisfaction and a life of disappointment.

As a parent, it is important to understand your own values and beliefs in order to provide your children with the best possible support. Establishing your values will help you make decisions that are in line with what you believe is right and will also provide your children with a strong foundation of principles to guide them through life. Additionally, having a clear set of values can make it easier to provide your children with consistent guidance and a sense of security. By taking the time to know and understand your own values, you can ensure that your children are given the best possible parental support.

It's true that our values and beliefs have a powerful influence on our behaviours. We often make decisions based on what we believe is right or wrong, and our values are often the guiding force behind those decisions. When our values and beliefs align with our behaviours, our actions are more likely to be consistent and successful. However, when our values and beliefs do not align with our behaviours, it can lead to feelings of guilt, regret, and confusion. It is important to be mindful of our values and beliefs, and to make sure that our behaviours are consistent with them.

When we take time to get to know ourselves in terms of our values, we can better recognize our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our preferences and boundaries. This understanding helps us form deeper, more meaningful relationships with our children, as we can confidently express our true selves and engage in healthy communication.

Carly Filewich is the creator of the Values Aligned Parenting Program. She has helped families with developing emotional intelligence since 2017. She is the founder of ARI Learning and leads a team of educators to delivery high quality classes online.

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