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Work on Virtual School Paper

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

My favourite part of VSP editing sessions is coming back to the editing room the following week after our first posts. We get to look at our stats and analytics together. WordPress has a really cool feature where it breaks down views by country then highlights each country on a world map. Learners love seeing where their readers/viewers are in the world. We don't get a ton of traffic yet so a post with about 10 views is pretty good! The stats are pretty easy and fun to read.

- Carly, Facilitator

This Spring, we are offering two great ways to participate in the Virtual School Paper team publishing project:

Learners will gain access to a premium account on WordPress and work collaboratively to create web posts about their passions! This is a self paced flex class. Ages 9 to 14 ish.

Learners gain digital publishing skills via hands on experience with a real website! This is a live Zoom class. Ages 9 to 12 ish.

Or connect with us for group requests. Groups for age 5 to 18 available.


It is a site just for just kids.

Learning is an interactive process. We encourage critical thinking and emphasize teamwork in the learning process. We believe that doing is learning.

Book now to see your content live on a REAL website!

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