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Yvonne's Spring and Summer Schedule

Yvonne's online classrooms offer fun and creative approaches to learning, with project-based activities that cover a variety of subjects including public speaking, drama, math, art, science, and nature. Students will have the opportunity to solve problems and work collaboratively in a small group setting, while getting to know their classmates and making new friends. Everyone is welcome in this inclusive learning environment.

Yvonne has so many awesome offerings for spring/summer...

Do you like playing board games? Have you ever wanted to design your own but don't know where to start? Yvonne has developed a class just for you. Ages

Build Your Own Board Game for Beginners! Flex Class

Build Your Own Board Game for Beginners! Live Class

Love a good novel or novel/movie comparison? These classes are dysgraphia and dyslexia supportive. Novel Study for Ages 10-15 : The Neddiad Flex Class

Novel Study for Ages 10-15: FLEX Class - The Yggyssey

Novel Study for Ages 10-15 : FLEX Class - Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl

Novel Study and Movie Comparison: Howl's Moving Castle Flex Class

Are you interested in creating Collage art and learning about the history? Ages 13-18

The Art of Collage: An Applied Art History Course Flex Class

1:1 The Art of Collage: An Applied Art History Course (Live)

The Art of Collage: An Applied Art History Course (Live)

Social Groups 2x a week in the Summer for ages 7-10 Wed/Thursday mornings

Summer Morning Social Group

Is play beside me a social model that works for your child? Ages 7-12 (this age limit is flexible)

Let's Draw and Visit - Small Group Interaction 8:00 – 8:30 AM Pacific Friday Mornings

Is your child just getting started in social groups? We offer a 1:1 class which allows for leader/learner time to get to know each other, learn the tools on Zoom needed to play the interactive games on the whiteboard and practicing turn based conversation. We are a strength based ND organization. We meet kids where they are. 1:1 Conversation Coaching (Adhd, Autism Welcome) Join other learners in your age group for our Making Friends Series. This is a non instructive inclusive social group that is learner led and based on fun.

Making Friends Ongoing Socializing (Ages 5 to 7)

Making Friends Social Club (7-9)

Making Friends (Ages 9 to 11) Ongoing

Making Friends Ages 12-15, Ongoing Class

Making Friends | Teens Social Hangout (14-18)

Making Friends Classical Music Social Group (13-18)

Young Entrepreneurs Networking Group: Crafters and Artists

Once a week, we get together to write freely on a topic sentence randomly picked from a list to improve our creative writing.

Free-Write Friday (Ages 10-15, flexible age range)

My Weird School "Fast Facts" Book Club (Ages 6-11)

Gaming Social Time on Secure Private servers

Social Club: Hang Out in a Private Starbound Server! (Ages 11+)

1:1 Stardew Valley, Play on a Private Server With Me!

Social Club in a Private Stardew Valley Server (Ages 10-15)

Do you have an idea for a class that you want to do 1:1?

1:1 Custom Collaborations - Create Your Own Class!

We've had students request classes for learning how to create a D&D character, edit novels, creative writing adventures and more! Have an idea? We will find the resources to support you. The ultimate in Learner Led Learning.

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