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Embracing Neurodiversity

My Experience as an Autistic Staff Worker at ARI Learning

Hi everyone, I'm Janni, and I'm a proud autistic staff worker at ARI Learning.

As someone who experiences the world in a unique way, I have always found it challenging to fit into a neurotypical mold. But when I joined ARI Learning, I finally found a workplace that not only understands but also values neurodiverse thinking and communication styles.

One of the things I appreciate the most about working with ARI Learning is their commitment to inclusivity. They recognize that neurodiversity is a strength and actively seek to create an environment that accommodates different learning and working styles. For example, I have the flexibility to work on my own schedule and communicate through written channels when I find it difficult to express myself verbally. These small accommodations make a big difference in my productivity and well-being.

As a creative tech and social media specialist, I also appreciate that ARI Learning embraces innovation and creativity. I'm encouraged to bring my unique perspective to the table and explore new ideas that may benefit our learners and teachers. This gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I can't get in a traditional work setting.

Furthermore, I'm grateful to work alongside other neurodiverse staff members who share similar experiences and perspectives. We celebrate our differences and learn from each other, which creates a supportive and positive work environment. It's inspiring to know that ARI Learning values and invests in its neurodiverse staff members, recognizing the value that we bring to the table.

ARI Learning's commitment to inclusivity and understanding of neurodiverse thinking and communication styles has not only enriched my work experience but also positively impacted our learners and teachers. I hope that more workplaces will follow in ARI Learning's footsteps and recognize the value of neurodiversity in the workplace.


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Apr 02, 2023

Thanks Janni, I really appreciate and am inspired by this. Thanks for linking me with this community.


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