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Forest School Series

To welcome our Registered Professional Forester teacher, Allan, we've created a new series of single session classes called Forest School. Each class can be done on its own or as a part of the series. After completing his post-secondary education in forest resource management, Allan worked in the wonderful outdoors for ~10 years. He's worked in various locations in British Columbia. My favourite "lumberjack" tip from Allan is that to find out the composition of forest dirt, you're supposed to taste it! Clay, sand and silt can be assessed by feeling the texture of the dirt in your mouth.

Currently there are two Forest School classes on Outschool. Click the titles to find all the details and registration info:

Bug Suckers are tiny vacuums made from recycled materials that we will use to gently catch bugs for observation. Let's get a close up look at our favourite critters! Interact with classmates to compare your findings.

Practice the arts of story telling and song writing based on observing nature.

Join Allan for some FUN and hand on science! We will be adding to this series regularly. Please get in touch if you have suggestions or requests for upcoming sessions!

Core Curriculum Competencies (BC) covered by Forest School courses: Demonstrate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world Observe objects and events in familiar contexts Ask simple questions about familiar objects and events Experience and interpret the local environment Discuss observations Represent observations and ideas by drawing charts and simple pictographs Transfer and apply learning to new situations Generate and introduce new or refined ideas when problem solving Share observations and ideas orally Express and reflect on personal experiences of place Compare observations with those of others Consider some environmental consequences of their actions

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