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Get Ready For Spring: Foraging Fun and Composting Tips

As the chill of winter melts away, the vibrant energy of spring emerges, bringing with it a world of new possibilities.

At ARI Learning, we're excited to offer an engaging and sustainable way to connect with nature through our "Foraging for Food: Wildcrafting, Food Forests, and Getting Out in Nature" class available on Outschool.

Unleash Your Inner Forager This Spring!

Our foraging class is not just a course; it's an adventure into the heart of nature. Designed for both live and flex sessions, it's a perfect fit for every schedule. Students will discover how to identify edible plants safely, learn about sustainable foraging practices, and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to get hands-on experience while fostering a love for the environment.

Spring into Action with Your First Compost

Alongside our foraging class, we still have free resources for starting your very first compost pile. Composting is a fantastic way to reduce waste and contribute positively to the ecosystem. It's a simple, yet profoundly impactful, step toward sustainable living. Our free downloadable activity materials offer easy-to-follow tips and fun educational content, suitable for all ages.

These free materials are available for everyone to download and print. Whether you're a part of the ARI Learning community or just starting your journey into eco-conscious living, we invite you to take advantage of these resources. They're a great way to engage the whole family in environmentally friendly practices.

Join Us in Celebrating Nature!

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